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Welcome to Studio Grow!

An Introduction to Studio Grow UK

Hi! My name is Mollie!

After working for a long time within various industries as a marketer and designer, I found that my passion really lay in helping small businesses find their way – so I’ve decided to go freelance by setting up Studio Grow!

What do I do?

  • Help small and medium sized businesses create strategies that work for them and their day-to-day operations.
  • Create and manage websites for businesses who want to access a new, online audience.
  • Create branding for ambitious business owners.
  • Content and Social Media management to keep customers updated and excited about your service.
  • SEO and website optimisation to help you get discovered by the audiences that matter most to your business.
  • & MORE

Every business is unique and special to the people who run them and the staff who make everything click. All elements of a brand help people get excited about a product or service, whether it’s a logo, a website, the relationships with customers, or even just the good things that the company stands for. It all adds up.

Studio Grow UK has a customer-first approach that is centred around a sustainable and impactful marketing strategy. I’m not a separate entity, I am here to teach, integrate and be a vital part of your team, with enthusiasm for your business that matches yours.

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